Episode 10

FnA Crime Stories are BACK Baby!!!! Plus all that Entertainment stuff too!!

Welcome to Episode 10 of FnA Presents! In this episode, Fred and Adrienne change it up a bit! We hear their regular banter in the beginning of the episode to let us know what they've been up to and they also mention the cold front that the US recently has had!

Fred fills us in on the latest Star Wars Theory news and what's been happening with the latest story. Also, we hear about some Marvel and a little DC news! Fred tells us what he's been playing lately, including: Dead Island 2, the latest Resident Evil 2, Mario, Eldin Ring and PalWorld!

Adrienne gets to talk about one of her favorite entertainment genre's...Crime Stories! Yep! We get a story today about the wild and crazy case of Sherri Papini. This story took place originally in 2016 and this one is definitely a rollercoaster! Talk about twists and turns!! To find out about this curious case, you have to tune in to find out!

Fred tells us about the latest conspiracy documentary that has been out...UFO Revolution which is presented by TMZ with Jeremy Corbell! This documentary talks about the recent Pentagon leaks and some whistle blowers...even some eye witness accounts! This is another one you definitely have to check out! This episode of FnA presents is one you really don't want to miss, so make sure you grab a drink, grab a snack and get comfortable!! We hope you enjoy the show!!! Check out our social platforms below!!

The Sherri Papini interrogation link:



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