Episode 7

FnA - For All Mans Legacy of Rebel Moon -

Welcome to FnA Presents!! In this episode Fred and Adriennediscuss how their Christmas went and how they had to battle a horrible flu thathas been spreading like wildfire throughout their community! They also talkabout the latest shows they have been watching as well as fun little tid bits that everyone will enjoy!

Fred starts off with a funny story about a youtuber by the name Drew Gooden (link below) and how he took a class on how to be a twitch streamer with the Fortnite king Ninja! There are definitely some laughs with this topic! Adrienne then brings us to the latest episode of “For All Mankind”that is currently streaming on Apple TV…and speaking of Apple TV, Fred and Adrienne discuss the latest Monarch: Legacy of Monsters episode as well! These shows are sadly coming to an end, but Fred and Adrienne keep us updated on the latest episodes! Adrienne gives us her thoughts and opinions on another Apple TV show, Severance! Yes, she finished the first season…AND she watched it in one sitting! That tells us that this show is definitely a hit!

Fred takes over to tell us about the newest movie on Netflix, Rebel Moon. Adrienne did not watch it, but that’s okay because Fred tells us that it is not worth it to even get Adrienne to watch because it was a big flop! He describes the movie and gives us the run down. He shares his thoughts and opinions with us and unfortunately it sounds like the movie is a big disappointment!

Of course, Fred and Adrienne tell us all about the secondseason of What If..? They each share what they thought and also shares with us that the show is greenlit for a 3rd season! They cover each episode of the second season and give us a quick rundown of the episodes. What If..? is currently streaming on Disney Plus!

This episode is definitely one that you don’t want to miss! So make sure that you grab a snack, grab a drink, grab whatever you want an sit back, relax and enjoy the show!! Thanks so much for listening!!

Drew Gooden link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9J4H5gkLqw



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